Your Acoustic Camera is Your Ultrasmart Assistant!


Finding the exact source of disruptive noise in buildings can be very difficult. That’s why, building acoustic experts and construction engineers are getting help from acoustic cameras.

In fact, sound is a deceiver! Although, it is simple for human beings to perceive it, it’s really hard to pinpoint its exact origin. In other words, the sound which seems to come from bottom right in the building, actually comes from the top left. Also, the noise that you think is coming from behind a wall covering, ultimately comes across the floor. In addition, the maleficent leaky window is not the expected source of noise in all the cases, because the noise can come through the exhaust duct.

For acousticians, such sound puzzles and the surprising solutions are like daily routines. In fact, it is not far from reality if we say that acousticians often have to be as creative as detectives!

Sound Puzzles and Tricky Questions

As an example, consider a real masterpiece sound-absorbing door which is perfectly designed and produced, properly installed but is not soundproof whatsoever. You may spend many hours measuring and tinkering the sound-absorbing door, and ultimately come across the fact that the spy hole is not properly attached to the door!

In fact, you cannot see things like a spy hole from the outside. That’s why it takes you a lot of time to detect them! Of course, if you use an acoustic camera, this tricky case can be solved much faster: Using an acoustic camera which visualizes the sound, these tricky issues can be detected and solved quite easy!

Seven Bel Acoustic Camera P132 is a handy device, and the unique advantage of which, in addition to saving time, is the possibility of pinpointing sound sources without destruction! As an example, let’s go back to the spy hole problem, using a sound visualization device, there is no need to destroy or dismantle the whole door and see where the leak comes from, instead, you can simply go and look where the noise origin is.


Also Understandable for Non-Experts

Now imagine a seminar room which is too loud. It’s so loud that even using your naked ears you can tell that the disturbing noises are coming from the ventilation. Can you easily say what the exact cause is? Is it the exhaust air? is it the supply air? In fact, with the help of P132 Acoustic Camera you are able to pinpoint the noise source precisely and quickly.

In addition, sound visualizations provided by acoustic cameras are intuitive for everyone, whether they be non-experts or professionals. However, abstract evidence and complicated calculations are not usually understandable for everyone. That’s why, Seven Bel Acoustic Cameras are an important aid for acousticians, even if the they are already quite sure where the noise comes from. Because Seven Bel Acoustic Cameras provides comprehensive proof! Therefore, concerning liability issues, using Seven Bel Sound Scanners, means many lengthy disputes can be avoided in advance.

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