AstraZeneca Secures Operation of Production-Critical Fans

AstraZeneca Secures Operation of Production-Critical Fans

AstraZeneca (Swedish biopharmaceutical company) has invested in SPM Intellinova Compact Online System to monitor the lubrication status and also mechanical condition of several production-critical fans in its plants.

Thirty different pharmaceuticals are manufactured for more than one hundred markets at Campus AstraZeneca Södertälje. The focus in Snäckviken is inhalation, spray, and liquid drug products; while tablets and capsules are produced in Gärtuna.

Online condition monitoring in both plants is already planned to include a total of 17 fans, where 4 SPM DuoTech accelerometers are installed for each single fan unit. The unique SPM Accelerometer Sensor combines two of the most successful and widely-used methods for mechanical condition monitoring: vibration and shock pulse measurement.

In Gärtuna, 4 belt-driven fans will be monitored using online condition monitoring system. According to Stefan Gottfridsson, Group Manager Operations & Media Technology at Gärtuna; these fans are main units that guarantee the right air directions, air circulation and temperatures and relative humidity based on the current requirements.

For monitoring the air pressure in the critical production rooms, there are so-called FMS sensors. And, there will be a production stoppage; if a fan in the main ventilation stops working. Because, we are not able to maintain the air directions, humidity and temperature required for the product being manufactured.

Besides, anytime a main unit stops; there will be a deviation to investigate as well. AstraZeneca always puts the patient first; that’s why requirements are very carefully adhered to. Also, Stefan Gottfridsson, Group Manager Operations & Media Technology at Gärtuna, adds: “We have alarms on all critical units around the clock, and with online monitoring of the critical components of our motors, such as belts and bearings, we can predict any major breakdowns on our equipment more easily.”

Moreover, nine belt-driven and four direct-driven fans are monitored at the factory in Snäckviken; which include ventilation units which are used in production rooms with high cleanliness classification or tight climatic requirements placing high demands on ventilation regarding air directions and air circulation, or moisture content and temperature.

As mentioned earlier, if one of the fans stops functioning, it will lead to significant consequences and production must be stopped. Because, production is not allowed to continue while climate requirements are not met; or ventilation is at a standstill.

Also, discovering how production has been affected involves time and resource-intensive investigations; which may lead to costly scrapping and delays. In addition, when ventilation is back up before production can start again; meticulous cleaning must be done on the affected premises.

Furthermore, together with this investment in online condition monitoring; AstraZeneca has upgraded their analysis software Condmaster Ruby to the recent 2020 version. The patented SPM HD Shock Pulse Monitoring and HD ENV for vibration enveloping are being used to monitor the operating condition of the fans.

In fact, using SPM HD Technologies for Condition Monitoring, the system provides extraordinarily early warning for deteriorating mechanical condition. Also, it alerts for other machine faults including alignment errors, imbalance and loose parts. To illustrate, Condmaster.NET web application comes along with Condmaster Ruby 2020. Using SPM Condmaster NET measurement results ​​can be tracked via tablets, smartphones, desktop computers or laptops.

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