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Corona virus created in lab … Is it true?

There is no dearth of conspiracy theories flying around about the origins of the corona virus pandemic, from reckless speculation in news report to silly nonsense spread by social media.

laboratory Equipment for Coronavirus - COVID-19

Laboratory Equipment for Coronavirus Vaccine Project

As everybody knows, the race for the Covid-19 vaccine is launched. and there are challenges for providing laboratory equipment.


Air monitoring of construction operations

Construction sites are well known to produce and release many different types of emissions, the most noticeable being waste material, visible dust, noise, and vibration.


Lab Equipment Suppliers … Nothing is hidden!

Generally speaking, a laboratory equipment is a device or instrument used for scientific purposes, such as the study of both natural and theoretical phenomena. The lab equipment industry is driven


Gas Analyzer … Critical Device for Landfills

What is a Landfill?Landfills are areas where waste materials are sent, and then buried underground. Precautions are taken during this process to prevent the Waste from touching any groundwater and


Hazardous Gas Monitoring in Glass Manufacturing

Atmospheric pollution from melting activities are responsible for the major environmental effects of glass processing.


Gas Hazards and Gas Analyzers in Brewing Industry

Beer brewing is often viewed by many as an art. This art, however, is a science in fact, and a very important one at that. The beer brewing industry has


Sound Analyzer … key for sound reproduction quality tests

New electroacoustic products, like mobile phones, tablets and smart speakers, continue to push the design limitations. The newest smartphone needs to fit in ever more impressive features to succeed in


Importance of Sound Quality in Public Places

Have you ever been in a movie theater and wondered: “Wow, what an amazing sound quality!”, or on the contrary, been in a mall and public announcement speaker starts broadcasting


The new Coronavirus, Impacts & Challenges

The outbreak of new coronavirus in 2019–20, also known as COVID-19, has had consequences beyond the epidemic and attempts to contain it. There have been numerous reports of pharmaceutical shortages


Why everyone needs a Sound Level Meter?

We’re surrounded by sounds, everywhere we go. Our civilization has been in the midst of a sound pollution crisis since the industrial revolution.