Benchmark Scientific

Benchmark Scientific

Benchmark Scientific provides research laboratories with innovative, cost-effective products and solutions designed to improve laboratory efficiency, safety and results. Their emphasis on next generation technology, quality and value has served the customers and the company well. As a result of their recent growth, they have expanded their facilities, staff and product lines to serve the customers better.


Life Science Research, Molecular Biology, Centrifuges, Shakers, Mixers and rockers, Homogenizers, Autoclaves and Sterilizers, Temperature Control Equipment, Thermal Cyclers, Laboratory Balances, PCR and qPCR Reagents, Electrophroesis Systems and Supplies, Gel Imaging, Absorbance Plate Readers, and Fluorometers.

Accuris Instruments and Accuris Life Science Reagents are divisions of Benchmark Scientific created to develop a separate focus on new product lines. While Benchmark Scientific has become a market leader in lab shakers, incubators and small centrifugation products, the new Accuris divisions have expanded into the areas of precision liquid handling, laboratory weighing, electrophoresis, and PCR reagents.

HERMLE centrifuges have established themselves as indispensable tools for DNA analysis, drug development in the pharmaceutical industry and even standard blood tests at your GP’s surgery. They are also well and truly “at home” in the fields of microbiology, environmental technology and food technology.
Hermle’s passion is separating, which is why they focus exclusively on building outstanding centrifuges. Their range of standard products now covers a wide range of volumes and speeds, both with and without integral cooling. However, they can also develop custom solutions to meet the needs of your individual assignments. Centrifuges from HERMLE are assembled exclusively in Germany by qualified specialists in the fields of electronics and mechanics. In North America, HERMLE is represented by their longtime partners at Benchmark Scientific.



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