Brockhaus Measurements

Brockhaus Measurements

Brockhaus is an international leading manufacturer of instrumentation devices and systems for the quality control and examination of magnetic materials. Measurements of all magnetic properties runs in accordance with international standards.

About Brockhaus Measurements

Brockhaus Measurements is an ISO-certified well-experienced company which has obtained well-proven expertise in testing electrotechnical materials. It supplies complete solutions for the field of magnetism:

  • Manufactures and also sells measuring instruments for magnetizing devices and soft and hard magnetic materials.
  • Purchases and sells calibrated and tested used instruments as well.
  • Offers services such as calibration, measuring to order and magnetizing to order.

If you are working with soft magnetic and hard (permanent) magnetic materials, you can be a customer of Brockhaus Measurements.

A large number of this leading company’s customers are manufactures of transformers, electric motors and generators. In addition, it can offer services to manufacturers of electrical steel and hard magnetic materials and producers of laminations made from electrical steel as well.

There is no doubt that universities and research institutes can benefit from Brockhaus Measurements products and services as well.

Where you may use its technology:

  • Optimization of production processes
  • Research and Development
  • Quality control during production
  • Goods reception
  • Testing of samples when selecting new suppliers



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