Delta OHM


Since 1978, Delta OHM has dedicated itself with a top-quality product portfolio and with the appropriate scientific expertise to drive the development of sustainable meteorological components onward every day. Delta OHM develops and manufactures a complete range of meteorological devices for measuring wind speed, wind direction, precipitations, atmospheric pressure, humidity, radiation, light and temperature.

In addition to that, Delta OHM‘s portfolio also includes a complete range of Wireless Data Logger Systems, as well as professional measuring and control equipment / transmitters, sensors, loggers and portable instruments for Microclimate, Air Quality-CO-CO2, Water Analysis, Relative Humidity, Air Speed, Photo-Radiometry, Temperature and Pressure measurements.

Focus Markets

Delta OHM products have been proven for years in a wide range of application:

  • Meteorology
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Solar & wind energy
  • Renewables energies
  • Building Automation
  • Building
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Industrial & Process
  • Health & Safety
  • Car Service

All processes in Delta OHM comply to the international standard of ISO. Our ISO 9001:2015 certificate is available here for download.


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