HT Instruments


Founded in 1983, HT Instruments is an Italian manufacturer with the mission of producing safety and test equipment to improve the quality of work.
At first, this company put its initial focus on test equipment, DMMs and clamp-on meters. During 1992 to 2010, HT Instruments grew itself and developed some products in various fields: Master HT2031, FULLTEST HT2036, GENIUS 5080, the series 2000, the series GSC, VEGA76, the series 400, ZG47 and the solar range. Each launched product has a competitive advantage which made the product unique in the market.
Today HT Instruments is famous for a unique line of all-in-one multi function testers. These multi function testers can be used in performing wide range of tests and analysis such as: Product Quantity (PQ) analysis, Electrical System Safety Testing, Energy Recording, resistance and continuity. Designed products by this company
HT Instruments with the help of ISO 9001 certification awarded for its quality system currently has a great market share of various products including photovoltaic testers, clamp meters, digital multimeters, laser distance meters, power quality analyzers, environmental testers, voltage detectors, and infrared cameras. All safety testers of this manufacturer are supplied with calibration certificates using calibration equipment which can be traced by NAMAS and SIT.


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