Kanomax USA

Kanomax USA delivers the best measurement solutions with its products and services that adapt precision measurement technology for fluids and particles.

Kanomax USA contributes to technological innovation and quality improvements for the processes of quality and environment management. Sustaining human well-being in the areas of environment, health, and energy have always been a primary focus of Kanomax USA.

Kanomax USA develops leading technology with the goal of maintaining health and safety in industries including automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, heavy industry, steel, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food processing, medical, construction and civil engineering.

In recent years, Kanomax USA has implemented a global growth strategy led by their unique and extremely dynamic management team located in Japan and the US.

Kanomax USA reliable technology and 60 years of accumulated knowledge and know-how has allowed them to establish a global network between the management and employees. Kanomax USA team aims to achieve global leadership in the niche markets they serve.


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