Met One Instruments


Founded in 1985, Met One Instruments, Inc. is a supplier of particulate monitoring devices and samplers for environmentally sound and monitored applications. The emphasis is on fulfilling governmental and industrial regulatory requirements with high-quality, easy-to-use instruments and backed by excellent after-sales service. Ever creative and growing, Met One Instruments is one of the United States’ oldest manufacturers of scientific instruments.

Among its satisfied customers are private industries, research institutions, universities, the military and all levels of government environmental agencies.

The company has grown through proper planning, commitment to customer service, and the ability to design and deliver reliable, user-friendly products that meet government standards around the world, as well as societies that are aware of the importance of monitoring and sampling for the protection of their employees and residents. For this reason, the engineers and developers of Met One Instruments are always aware of practical applications when designing instruments with the most precise information available.


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