MRU Instruments


MRU was founded on 1 June 1984 with only 2 employees and grew into a nationally and internationally respected company. MRU designs, produces and markets pollution monitoring systems such as portable gas analyzer and stationary gas analyzers at its headquarters in Germany, for use around the world.

MRU Emission Monitoring Systems are exported to more than 70 countries all over the world. The company has developed into an international medium-sized profitable organization from a very small beginning.

A new facility with the most up-to-date manufacturing possibilities entered service in 2012. From the beginning, MRU has looked only upward and forward, never neglecting the companies employing philosophy. MRU workers are critical guarantors of the brand’s high-quality and long-lasting pollution monitoring systems. Pollution testing can now be done through a stationary, handheld and portable gas analyzer.

Focusing always on the future, no time to rest on progress, untiringly moving MRU forward, founder and managing director, Erwin Hintz, continues his search for new products markets.


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