NL Acoustics


NL Acoustics has been established by two passionate engineers named Kai Saksela and Jonas Nyberg; who are interested in acoustics and advanced monitoring solutions.

In fact, the mission of NL Acoustics is to extract all the information sound can offer and transform it into an understandable format that creates concrete value.

Actually, NL Acoustics aims to be the leading provider of acoustics-based predictive maintenance solutions. This goal, and their desire to be a thought leader in the field of acoustics; coincides with their vision to develop advanced solutions that take diagnostics based on sound to a completely new level.

In addition, when NL Acoustics first started, their solutions were good at one thing: locating sounds. But, today its portfolio has grown to cover solutions that combine the localization of sounds, advanced machine learning-powered software, and cloud solutions that together extract an enormous amount of value out of sound.

To sum up, the customers’ needs have guided NL Acoustics every step of the way. That is why, NL Acoustics is proud to say the solutions offered by them has saved the clients time and money all around the world. In the years to come, NL Acoustics will continue to create easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology solutions that transform sound into value.


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