NTi Audio

NTi Audio AG is a leading manufacturer of measurement and test solutions for audio, acoustics and vibration applications. The company is a privately-owned firm with the headquarters being located in the principality of Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe.

The product line includes both handheld and desktop analyzers. Different combinations of these analyzers together with precision microphones, acoustic sources, signal generators, and other accessories offer turnkey measurement kits as solutions for:

  • Environmental sound measurement and noise assessment (NC & NR)
  • Public address (PA), evacuation systems, and speech intelligibility (STIPA and STI)
  • Reverberation time (RT60), room and building acoustics and vibration
  • Noise monitoring stations and noise inspection
  • Electroacoustic measurement of speakers, microphones (MEMS, A2B, etc), headsets, mobile phones, and other audio devices
  • End-of-line quality control of audio equipment
  • Commissioning and troubleshooting the audio systems in studios and broadcast installations
  • Sound power measurement
  • Vehicle noise (pass-by noise and exhaust noise)

In addition to excellent products, the NTi Audio continuously strives to offer the know-how with professional support at a global level by holding regular training courses and webinars to cover basic and advanced audio and acoustics topics.


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