SPM Instrument


SPM Instrument is an innovative company developing, manufacturing, and marketing sophisticated equipment for condition monitoring of rotating machinery.

SPM Instrument AB holds multiple worldwide patents for HD condition monitoring technology and other inventions. The global patents cover the algorithms in the HD technologies, which provide easily interpreted measurement results with unmatched clarity and distinctness.

In addition to advanced measurement technologies, the extensive SPM product line covers everything from transducers, transmitters, and cabling to power-packed online and portable instrumentation and software, as well as methods and products for corrective maintenance, such as laser shaft alignment and balancing.

SPM is the inventor of the ultra-efficient HD condition monitoring technologies. Providing unmatched forewarning times, they detect fault conditions well in time to plan maintenance and repairs for minimal interruption of the production process. Whether complex or straightforward, HD technologies have the power to address and resolve your reliability issues.

SPM head office, including the R&D department, production facility, and training center SPM Academy, is located in Strängnäs, Sweden. The SPM Group is made up of more than two-hundred devoted professionals, eighty of whom are based in Sweden.


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