Theodor Friedrichs


Founded in 1953, the company “Theodor Friedrichs & Co.” designs meteorological sensors and devices as an economically independent enterprise.

Theodor Friedrichs & Co. has been an ISO 9001 accredited organization since 1994, running a continuously improving quality management program, which is also certified and approved by KTA.

As a member of HMEI (Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry Association), we are linked with the most relevant meteorology manufacturers and stakeholders worldwide. In turn, Theodor Friedrichs & Co. is part of the Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft (DMG).

The company focuses on two main areas: the manufacturing and selling of meteorological sensors and devices, and the manufacture of test equipment and full laboratories for meteorological instruments and sensors calibration.

Combined with the emphasis on customer comfort, technological precision has been the main reasons to be regarded as the world’s leading supplier of full meteorological calibration labs.

In addition to two main business areas, the company also develops the software required for data assessment and automated calibration chamber service, also providing worldwide installation, training and technical support for all equipment.


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