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What Is Partial Discharge: Why It Is Important to Detect It?

Partial discharge is one of the first indicators of an upcoming failure in electrical powers system components. In fact, detecting partial discharges at an early stage enables proactive maintenance; and reduces the risk of catastrophic failures and expensive interruptions in the supply of power. Different Types of PD Consider an insulator in a power grid. This ...


NL Acoustic Camera: Leak Detection and PD Detection

NL Acoustic Camera can be used for PD detection, replacing some of the conventional methods. Also, for Air Leak Detection, acoustic cameras are the only nonintrusive noncontact means. In fact, regarding air leaks, conventional ultrasonic equipment use one microphone systems; however, NL Acoustic Camera benefits from beamforming and multiple microphone. Moreover, regarding PD Detection, the most popular conventional ...

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3D audio experience – A Hack of your brain

The transition from stereophony to 3D audio is likely to change our habits. Have you ever heard about 3D sound?