Compressed Air Leak Detection in Pfizer Biotechnology Using LF10

Compressed Air Leak Detection in Pfizer Biotechnology Using LF10

Pfizer Biotechnology needed to perform various leak detections and valve inspections, mainly for compressed air, gas, steam, and vacuum leaks. They needed a fast, reliable and easy-to-use acoustic leak detector to be able to detect leaks in valves, lined and pipes in the plant area, and they needed to do it quickly because if not, these leaks could lead to serious incidents such as catastrophic fires.

Prevent Accidents

The NL Acoustic Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Detector LF10 is more than an effort and time saving inspection tool. The NL Acoustic Camera LF10 help you to ensure the normal operation of equipment and prevent disastrous accidents by detecting leaks at valves, pipes and pipelines in the plant area.

Leak at a gap invisible to the naked eye

Leak Size and Damage Cost

The NL Acoustic Camera LF10 can calculate the damage cost of the leak point based on the energy cost provided by the customer, and also is able to show the leak size based on the detection results.

Equipment gaps, valves, pipes, and equipment pipelines are common places which are prone to gas leak in the plant area. The point is that, these leak are generally invisible to the naked eye.

A report showing leak size and damage cost

Next-Generation Leak Detection

The novel AI-driven functionalities of the LF10 Compressed Air Leak Detector include the removal of extraneous sound sources. It also makes it possible for users to pinpoint and report leaks effortlessly, thanks to the possibility of distance detection between the leak and the camera.

The LF10 Ultrasonic Air Leak Detector uses its automated features and analyzes leak size and cost estimates in real time, that’s why it offers concrete actionable data for repairs and maintenance in the NL Cloud.


We also offer another acoustic camera which is able to detect and pinpoint both leaks in compressed air systems and partial discharges in high voltage electrical systems. It offers all the unique features of NL Acoustic Camera P001 and NL Acoustic Camera L001. Please read more here.

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