How to Prevent Disastrous Hospital Fires Using NL L001 Camera

How to Prevent Disastrous Hospital Fires Using NL L001 Camera

ND Testaus is Finnish company that carries out diverse leak audits and valve inspections that detect steam, gas, compressed air and vacuum leaks. ND Testaus has an extensive range of clients including production plants, hospitals and various factories.

The Problem

ND Testaus needed a user-friendly yet reliable ultrasonic leak detector to be able to find leaks in hospital valves and piping quickly. In fact, to prevent serious accidents, such as destructive fires; ND Testaus needs to do a compulsory leak audit every four years. The hospital gases that have to be checked for leaks are oxygen, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), compressed air, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

Esko Ryöppönen of ND Testaus inspects hospital piping for gas leaks routinely to detect the gases which can be blamed partly for destructive hospital fires. And, as mentioned earlier, such important work needs the most reliable, efficient equipment. That’s why Esko Ryöppönen has chosen NL L001 Camera.

How to Prevent Disastrous Hospital Fires Using NL L001 Camera

The NL L001 Camera has been the only device which’s able to detect a rare oxygen leak in a hospital oxygen tank’s flange joint. Actually, in the most hazardous cases, Oxygen leaks can lead to destructive hospital fires.

Leaks Are a High Risk in Hospital Piping

Air leaks are the source of 50% of waste energy in compressed air systems; and thus using NL L001 Camera you can save money on costly leaks; and also increase hospital safety by detecting leaks in hospital pipe networks. As mentioned earlier, these pipes contain compressed air, oxygen, nitrous oxide or laughing gas used as a sedative; nitrogen for powering different instruments and carbon dioxide that is used in some operations.

The NL L001 Camera Finds Even the Trickiest of Leaks

There was an uncommon leak in a hospital oxygen tank’s flange joint and NL L001 Camera was the only device that could successfully detect it. To illustrate, detecting and analyzing this particular type of leak is really challenging; because any leaking oxygen spreads into a wide area.

That’s why, the hospital personnel who were responsible for maintenance couldn’t believe there was a leak until they saw it on the NL l001 Camera screen! The presence of the leak was then confirmed by an oxygen sniffer.

More common places where hospital gas leaks occur are patient room plug sockets, the piping that runs above the ceiling; oxygen tanks, operating room ceiling systems and gas centers.

Results, Swiftness, and Ease Lead to Success

How to Prevent Disastrous Hospital Fires Using NL L001 Camera

NL L001 Camera offers easy and fast audits. Moreover, it shows leaks in a wide area, meaning using NL L001 Camera, you don’t need to take the device in a direct line toward a certain direction where you expect a leak to be. IN other words, NL L001 doesn’t require a direct line of sight.

In addition, thanks to NL Analytics, NL L001 Camera offers leak size estimate; can analyzes the detected faults in the NL Cloud. Esko Ryöppönen says: ” I just created an NL Cloud account, plugged in the battery cable, and got to work.” That’s how easy it is!

How to Prevent Disastrous Hospital Fires Using NL L001 Camera

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