How to Locate Partial Discharge: NL Camera P001

nl camera p001

With its advanced analytics features, the NL Camera P001 for partial discharge detection is the only solution in the market that offers highly automated problem-solving.

To start detecting partial discharge, first turn the camera on using the on/off button. Or, if you’re using the bigger tracer battery, turn it on by plugging in the battery cable. Begin the inspection from one section of the substation, pointing the camera slowly at various components.

To cover the whole substation and to ensure that you don’t miss any partial discharge; we recommend that you conduct a systematic walk-through of the area. In fact, best results are achieved when the detection distance is about 5 to 10 meters. Although the NL Camera P001 can detect loud sound sources from a distance above 130 meters.

We recommend using the multi-source mode first. Because, you can get a general idea of the number and locations of partial discharge in a large area of a substation. You can then use the single-source mode to inspect the partial discharge more closely. And, take snapshots for in-depth analysis in the NL Cloud.

When naming the snapshots remember to follow a clear file naming system. Also, bear in mind that even if the NL Camera P001 might show multiple sound sources at the same time; it will only analyze the dominant sound source.

When you find a partial discharge, it’s beneficial to take several snapshots of it from different angles. This will make it easier to pinpoint the exact location of the problem, as well as to analyze it.

When you take a snapshot, remember to set the approximate distance to the sound source. Because, this information is used in the severity assessment in the NL Could and NL Camera Viewer Pro.

When you’re finished with you inspection round, you can upload the snapshots you took to the NL Cloud. You can do this by turning on Wi-Fi on the NL Camera P001 settings. The device will then upload the snapshots automatically.

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