Is Your IR Thermometer Reliable?


As we all know, it is useful to monitor your body temperature in case of infection with Coronavirus, whether this disease is only suspected or proven. In fact, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the use of instruments for measuring body temperature is constantly increasing. Therefore, thermal imaging cameras and IR thermometers of different types and sizes are spreading on the market rapidly.

Why monitor your body temperature?

Actually, fever is a symptom of all infections. Its presence or absence is used to assess whether the infection is present, worsening, or progressing towards recovery. A high fever that is poorly tolerated may warrant medical advice. Noting the temperature in the morning and evening in a notebook allows you to follow its evolution and give precise answers when a doctor assesses the situation.

What are the methods of measuring body temperature?

The first thing to do if you suspect illness is to check your temperature as fever is a common symptom. To allow you to accurately determine your temperature, there are different models of thermometers:

  • The ear thermometer: the most reliable on the market. The infrared sensor on the earpiece of the device measures the temperature inside the ear. The result appears in less than 5 seconds.
  • The oral, axillary or rectal thermometer: the classic thermometer model is to be placed under your tongue or into the rectum. The result is certainly a little less precise but it approaches the maximum of the body temperature.
  • Forehead or non-contact thermometer: medical device for measuring forehead temperature. Some models do not need forehead contact, they are called “infrared”. Very practical and design, but if you don’t calibrate them; they do not always have a precise result.

In brief, the easiest way is to use a digital thermometer. Indeed, digital thermometers are the best devices to measure the body temperature. Because, they are fast. Specifically, during the outbreak of Coronavirus is an absolutely necessary requirement for IR thermometers and thermal imaging cameras.

Can we trust the Infrared Thermometers?

But, how can we make sure that our thermometer is working correctly and the results it gives are reliable? In fact, the accuracy of a thermometer depends on the quality of the thermometer; the quality and frequency of its calibration and the temperature of the environment.

Also, we speak of fever when the internal body temperature exceeds 38 °. Please note that the values displayed by thermometers vary depending on the location of the body where the thermometer is applied. It is therefore necessary to interpret the measured figures.

The normal temperature measured in the rectum is between 36.6 and 38 °, under the armpit it is 35.5 ° to 37.5 ° and taken from the forehead it is between 34.7 ° and 37.3 °.

As mentioned earlier, it is really important that the thermometers we use to measure the body temperature at work; and at the gates of public and private structures work correctly. because if they don’t give the exact results we may end up spreading the coronavirus; or in contrast sending too many people in hospitals.

Therefore, the best solution is to use a good calibrator. The Calibration Tester ITeR is the best device by which you can make sure your thermometer is working correctly.

In fact, the Infrared thermometer calibrator ITeR is the only instrument that guarantees a correct reading of IR thermometers.

What is FDM ITeR?

The FDM ITeR is an innovative solution which brings you safety, speed and simplicity of testing. In brief, using the Calibration Tester ITeR, as a portable device that has a rechargeable battery, you may have a fixed constant temperature source. As mentioned earlier, the innovative FDM ITeR makes it possible for you to verify the accuracy of thermometers and infrared cameras in real time.

At last, the ITeR IR Temperature Monitor is a cost effective device for calibrating thermal cameras and infrared thermometers designed to measure human temperature (range 20 ° C to 45 ° C) with a resolution of 0.1 ° C.

Some medical concepts to know

  1. A very low temperature should also raise fear of infection. The Covid-Quest questionnaire advises you to quickly call a doctor in case of fever around 35 °.
  2. An infection by Covid-19 can cause fevers for ten days or more.
  3. Taking an antipyretic drug (paracetamol for example) 4 to 6 hours before the measurement can mask the fever.
  4. In the elderly, fever can quickly lead to dehydration and / or a drop in blood pressure. It is therefore necessary to advise abundant drinks and monitor your blood pressure.
  5. When someone has a fever during a Covid pandemic, you should also know how to think about other possible causes of fever. One train can hide another.
  6. Anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen for example) are not recommended in case of infection.


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