Jaw Crusher Bearing Monitoring Using SPM HD Technologies

Jaw Crusher Bearing Monitoring Using SPM HD Technologies

There are several critical applications in mining operations that may cause serious disruptions ( in case of malfunctions) in the production process. And, jaw crusher is an example.

Engineers carried out test measurements for 4 months on a jaw crusher in the Boliden Renström underground mine in Sweden. This heavy-duty jaw crusher which’s located at a depth of 840 meters, crushes ore at a speed of 181 RPM.

The attached case study includes the findings during the test period and also the condition monitoring setup. We could filter out the disturbances from the crushing process on the measurements using a software called “crushing filter”. Also, we used multiple band values to distinguish the bearing frequencies from the strong modulation components.

In fact, two small outer race damages were detected during the trial period. But, because they were detected at an early stage of damage, o actions were taken. However, the online condition monitoring systems are still in the location and monitor the development of these damages.

Jaw Crusher Bearing Monitoring Using SPM HD Technologies

Products for Mining Industry

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Leonova Emerald Condition Monitoring Analyzer: offers sophisticated vibration measurement; and provides razor-sharp spectrums where signals are low in energy and weak.

Bearing Checker BC200: is able to detect and monitor the potential sources without specialized training; and well before damage is detectable by heat or vibration.

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