Laboratory Equipment for Coronavirus Vaccine Project

laboratory Equipment for Coronavirus - COVID-19

Laboratory Equipment and A vaccine

As everybody knows, the race for the Covid-19 vaccine is launched. Scientists are rushing to develop a vaccine as quickly as possible. And we, as a company which supplies medical, research and laboratory equipment feel the need to join this race; and help the scientists to develop the corona virus vaccine as fast as possible.

Lab equipment … not only for the vaccine

Apart from the vaccine, laboratories and laboratory equipment suppliers have taken another responsibility in the fight against corona virus. laboratories are trying to carry out tests to detect it. Most of these laboratories are ready but they are still waiting to receive protective laboratory equipment against the virus. And It’s the time for laboratory equipment suppliers to act their best and in provide laboratory equipment on time.

Cooperation of Felixtrument as a laboratory equipment supplier

Therefore, if you’re a laboratory expert and you need any special equipment to ameliorate the face masks to protect the health-care workers; just let us know. but it’s not the only product Felixtrument can supply. We provide you with an extensive range of lab equipment including special chambers in which you can carry out extreme tests. Using these chambers you can control temperature and humidity.

Temperature and climatic chambers

These chambers are confined spaces in which scientists are able to control temperature and humidity. For instance, if you’re working in a lab and you’re fighting against corona virus, you can use these chambers to study the effect of humidity and temperature on the virus. You can also freeze and store corona virus samples so that they can be retrieved whenever necessary; and investigated in order to gain insights into this new respiratory disease.

As such, the large number of laboratory and research equipment offered by Felixtrument is making it possible to conduct comprehensive virus research involving dangerous pathogens including Covid-19 over the long term.

Laboratory war or third world war

laboratory Equipment for Coronavirus or Covid19

The world has seen two wars so far; but this one that we are facing right now can be named as a laboratory war to find a vaccine.

Who will first find a vaccine against the Covid-19 which has already infected nearly 250000 people and killed more than 10000 people worldwide?

The first clinical test of a corona virus vaccine was conducted in United States; but many laboratory teams around the world including France, Germany, Russia and China are on the war footing as well.

The laboratory equipment project

These experts, scientists and doctors are going to need accurate and special research and laboratory equipment; so it is our duty to help them out by providing them with all research and laboratory equipment and facilities they need.

That’s why we are kindly asking you to join us in laboratory equipment supply project. Help us to find the exact and most accurate lab device and laboratory equipment which satisfies lab technicians and scientists needs; and as well as inform us about all constrains, problems and restrictions you’re facing throughout this world war with laboratory equipment.

We are all in this together and have to feel responsible about it. We need to work along with doctors, scientists and researchers to take a step forward and save the life of mankind which certainly would be considered as a medical breakthrough.

Wherever and in any issue that scientists, experts and doctors are involved, the companies like us which supply medical, research and laboratory equipment are involved as well. We are dedicated to find reliable and long-lasting solutions for our customers and we are working hard to be a part of developing a vaccine for this virus by supplying accurate laboratory equipment.

The ongoing need for laboratory equipment

It should be noted that, this project is important because in a best-case scenario, a vaccine will be produced within 12 to 18 months. Not only throughout the whole journey of finding we’re going to need lab equipment and research facilities; but also we’ll be in great ongoing need of research facilities after developing the vaccine.

Why? Because most probably the vaccine will be effective on a type of corona virus: the one that’s already known. But as mentioned before, the research should be continued to find a certain medicine for the one which is currently raging, and also those that we don’t know yet. So it will not be a one time need for laboratory equipment.

As such, we also feel extremely responsible to supply the state-of-the-art, most accurate and helpful laboratory equipment to do our share in this continuous research journey. We also ask you to join us and provide us with all you think you need which can help you and your team to accomplish this goal as soon as possible.

Corona virus laboratory equipment challenges

These days, all the industries are facing issues relating to find, order, ship and deliver the required equipment. Corona virus wreaks havoc on the global shipping industry. So, many companies are facing new challenges and problems regarding shipping and delivering.

Felixtrument, as a high experienced medical, research and laboratory equipment supplier is proud to say “We have overcome these issues”. We believe that our customers should get the items they need, when they need them.

Therefore, we have brought on our additional capacity to deliver all of your orders on time. We also have utilized the expertise of our medical and health staff about safety precautions to make sure your device is safe.

We are all in this together

The international community is seriously trying to keep up as the new corona virus spreads quickly around the world and creates new challenges; but we are all in this together. Therefore, we ask you, as world class dedicated researchers to stay focused on the scientific part of this journey and leave the supplying laboratory equipment to us.

Felixtrument, as a high experienced laboratory supplier promises you to equip you with the best lab equipment you need or you are going to need. Leave it to us and rest assured!

The gist of our lab equipment project

We are inviting all researchers and academic medical institutions that are trying to develop a vaccine to inform us about all their laboratory equipment needs.

If you provide us with your required technical specifications, we will search for all available manufacturers and equipment. If you’re facing any challenge throughout your research, please let us know. Our world-class experts have the flexibility and experience to uniquely address your equipment need.


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