Online Bearing Monitoring of Autogenous Mill Using SPM HD technology


The Bulgarian copper producer Aurubis has used the SPM HD Shock Pulse Monitoring to monitor the pinion shaft bearing of a critical autogenous mill in the flotation plant.

Online Bearing Monitoring of Autogenous Mill Using SPM HD technology

The engineers installed one SPM Intellinova Compact Condition Monitoring Online System; and the device indicated rising shock pulse levels right from the start, which’s a sign of n outer race damage.

In fact, it was the precision of the SPM HD measurements that allowed the company to stay on top of the development of this bearing damage during 18 months and to plan for the replacement of the bearing at a suitable time.

And, when they dismount the bearing, the damage was confirmed. If you have a look at the photos in the attached file, you can see the pictures of damaged bearing.

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