Class B Tabletop Autoclaves

The Class B Tabletop Autoclave is a sterilizer which carries out a cycle including a pre-treatment with alternating vacuums and steam injections and a vacuum drying phase.

In fact, a Class B Autoclave is the closest autoclave to large autoclaves. They have the same standards and allow sterilization of solid, hollow, porous, packaged or unpackaged medical devices. A Class B Autoclave comes equipped with a vacuum pump which is able to perform vacuum cycles by alternating with pressurization cycles.

The goal is to empty hollow or porous objects of all the air they contain. This is called a fractional pre-vacuum phase. This is the only effective method on hollow or porous objects. Class B Autoclaves can remove 99% of the air which is inside the chamber.

In brief, if you need an autoclave and you don’t want it to occupy a great space, a Tabletop Class B Autoclave is the great choice for you. Since, they are microwave-sized autoclaves, they fit simply on the counters of your laboratory.

As mentioned earlier, they are the small version of the larger EN 285 autoclaves which you may find in hospitals. In other words, Class B Tabletop Autoclaves can offer the same performance as the large hospital sterilizers EN 285.

At last, Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative autoclaves which come in different types and sizes.

Therefore, if you are in need of any class B tabletop autoclaves or tabletop sterilizers; you may browse through our various Class B Tabletop Autoclaves to find the one which best suits your needs.