Freeze Dryers

The Freeze Dryers freeze the food 40 degrees below zero. In fact, the vacuum pump automatically turns on and creates a powerful vacuum around the food. As the trays slowly warm up; although the food is still frozen.

A process called sublimation occurs and this is the process which removes water from the food. Actually, this is what allows the food to keep its original shape, flavor and nutrition.

The process 20 to 36 hours and smart sensors determine when the food is completely dry and alert you with a beep. In fact, the process is entirely automatic.

To illustrate, Lyophilization or freeze drying; is a process which makes it possible to remove the water contained in a frozen product in order to make it stable at room temperature and thus facilitate its conservation by avoiding its oxidation.

Freeze drying is used in many fields such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemistry; increasingly for environmental analysis purposes, new materials and many more in the future.

Due to the temperature ranges in which the phases of the cycle take place; it allows the physiological properties of the lyophilisate to be preserved for the biological matrices.

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