003 General Purpose Weather Station


The 003 General Purpose Weather Station s specifically configured to monitor ambient meteorological conditions. In fact, to have a fast delivery, we have made them available in n pre-packaged configurations.

Moreover, you may easily customize the 003 Weather Station with additional accessories  and sensors; that is why it is useful for many measurement applications.

Besides, the Met One Instruments General Purpose Weather Station includes an expandable tripod, all required signal cables and mounting hardware; high quality meteorological sensors and a data acquisition system (signal translator).

Also, you may power up the 003 General Purpose Weather Station by DC or AC power. Still, you may use an optional solar power system as well.

Equally important, the 003 Weather Station offers an extensive range of convincing features and benefits that distinguish this quality product.

Features of General Purpose Weather Station

  • Easily customized
  • Pre-configured for quick shipment
  • Low Power
  • Fast deployment by one person
  • EPA and WMO compliant sensors
  • Fully customizable upon request
  • Serial RS-232/485/MODBUS, Ethernet, Current (4-20 mA),  Analog (0-1/0-5) and Cloud output options

The Met one 003 can carry out a large number of measurements such as Ambient Temperature, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Barometric Pressure and Relative Humidity. In addition, Visibility, Solar Radiation and Rain comes as optional measurements.

In brief, the Met One Instruments Weather Station offers the following advantages that make it almost useful for all the applications:

  • Fully customizable upon request
  • Easy and quick installation by one person
  • Quick deployment tripod with extendable 10FT mast
  • Low power draw from DC, AC and solar supply

At last, Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative meteorological equipment which come in different types and sizes.

Therefore, if you are in need of any meteorological equipment; you may browse through our various products which you may find in the following list; to find the one which best suits your needs.

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