034B Wind Sensor


The 034B Wind Sensor is a combination of wind speed sensor and wind direction sensor in a single sensing unit. Furthermore, you cam install this Met One Instruments state-of-the-art sensor in a very short time.

Moreover, the Met One 034B Wind Speed/Direction Sensor provides you long-term, continuous and accurate monitoring in hostile environments.

In fact, there is a quick-connect sensor cable in the 034B which you cam make it longer to hundreds of feet without influencing the measurement performance.

Equally important, the Met One 034B Windset offers a wide variety of benefits and features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of 034B Wind Sensor

  • Analog or digital measurement ability
  • Compact design for minimum visual impact
  • Aluminum direction vane which is coupled to a precision potentiometer
  • Long field life
  • Sealed magnetic reed switch to measure wind speed
  • Durable stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Easy re-alignment and maintenance
  • Very low power operation
  • Low starting threshold

To emphasize, the Met One 034B Windset offers various applications including Fenceline, Dust and Ambient Monitoring and Environmental Surveys; which you may use in different industries such as Manufacturing, and Environmental Consulting.

Also, even if the sensor is removed for maintenance, mounting with the alignment adapter maintains alignment. Secondly, the alignment adapter (P/N 2954) mounts the 034B to 1˝ in diameter tubing or pipe. Thirdly, the P/N 7156 is a horizontal sensor mounting arm, you may contact the factory for specific mounting applications.

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