061 & 065 Air Temperature Sensor


The 061 Air Temperature Sensor is manufactured to do general purpose ambient air temperature measurements. In fact, the 061 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor is an accurate multi-element thermistor unit that precisely measures ambient air temperature in the field settings.

Furthermore, thanks to the sensors’ high resistance sensitivity which leads to precise performance; the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor can eliminate problems associated with noisy environments, line lead length and poor connections.

Moreover, the multi-element and solid state devices produce a large change in resistance per degree of temperature change; which allows to use the normal signal voltage without self heating of the sensor.

And, if you use it with signal conditioning modules, the resultant output will be an accurate analog voltage. To illustrate, The Met One Instruments 061 Temperature Sensor mounts in 076B Motor Aspirated Shield.

065 Air Temperature Sensor

Same as the 061 Air Temperature Sensor, the 065 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor uses the same sensing network. But 065 is mounts directly to the Model 5980 or 073B Naturally Aspirated Radiation Shields. Actually, the 065 Temperature Sensor is equipped with a screw-type connector that connects to the signal cable directly.

Equally important, the 061 & 065 Air Temperature Sensors offer an extensive range of advantages and features.


  • Free air suspension of thermistor bead
  • Rapid response time: 10 seconds in still air
  • High resistance values to minimize signal line resistance
  • Interchangeable without recalibration
  • Calibration traceable to NIST

As mentioned earlier, the 061 & 065 Air Temperature Sensors are accurate thermistor unites which precisely measure ambient air temperature in the field settings.

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