074 Radiation Shield


The 074 Radiation Shield considerably reduce errors in relative humidity and temperature due to direct solar radiation. In fact, a series of white aluminum concentric plates prevent the direct solar rays from affecting the sensors; yet they let the air flow to pass through the shield.

To illustrate, Shielding reduces the effects of solar and terrestrial radiation to the smallest possible amount and provides precise measurements.

Specifically, following a common multi-plate design; the 5980 Shield made up of 6 spun aluminum shields. In fact, the multiple shields let the natural air flow aspiration of the probe.

Besides, you may mount the shield on a tower leg or a vertical pipe. Also, you may mount the arm on a horizontal pipe; if you move the mounting hardware to an other position on the mounting arm.

Naturally, you may use  the Met One Instruments 074 Radiation Shield is normally with 065 Temperature Sensor. Also you may use it with the 083E-0-35 and 085-35 Humidity and Temperature probes.

Actually, these sensors are equipped with a sensor cable moving in a strain relief. And, cables and sensors are separately ordered.

Equally important, the Radiation Shield 074 offers a wide variety of convincing benefits and features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of Met One 074

  • Reduces errors in temperature measurement
  • Accommodates various temperature sensors
  • Easily mounted
  • Requires no power

To emphasize, the Met One 074 Radiation Shield offers various applications in different industries including Government, Environmental Surveys and Ambient Air Monitoring.

At last, Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative meteorological equipment which come in different types and sizes.

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