1000V/15A I-V Curve Tracer


The I-V400w is an I-V curve tracer which is compatible with HTANALYSIS™. I-V Curve Tracer (1000V/15A) can be used for troubleshooting and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.

Furthermore, using 1000V/15A I-V Curve Tracer; you may carry out the field detection of I-V Curve. In fact, the I-V Curve is one of the main characteristics parameters of both strings of modules and a single module for PV installations up until 1000 V and 15 A.

To illustrate, I-V Curve Tracer manages an internal database of modules (can be updated by the user at any time) to be able to measure the I-V Curve.

Moreover, the comparison between the rated values and the measured data; immediately let you evaluate if the module or the string fulfills the efficiency of the parameters which are declared by the manufacturer.

Also, you may measure the I-V curve by decentralizing measurement of temperature and irradiation; using the using the SOLAR02 which comes as an optional remote unit; and the radio frequency (RF) connection which comes with the master unit.

In addition, the display at the end of the I-V curve indicates the compliance with the specifications which the panel manufacturer has declared.

Equally important, the HT Instruments 1000V/15A I-V Curve Tracer offers important advantages and features that distinguish the quality product.

Advantages of I-V400w

  • You need no laptop or backpack
  • Fast, easy and lightweight
  • You might connect your temperature probe and irradiance sensor on your I-V400w directly
  • Helps you to understand the problems that you might have in PV installations
  • You can connect your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi to manage the modules in your I-V Curve tracer
  • You may modify, add or delete the modules which are stored in your device (available on PC as well)


  • Measurement of irradiation with reference cell
  • Summary table of main electric parameters
  • Temperature measurement of cell and environment
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Auto power off
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Help on line on the display
  • Remote unit SOLAR-02 with USB \ RF connection
  • 128 points I-V Curve
  • 15 A maximum current
  • 1000 V maximum voltage
  • VOC and ISC
  • Internal Module Database
  • AutoSequence™ Test

In brief, the I-V Curve Tracer (1000V/15A) can help you to measure, firstly, the I-V curve of one whole string or of one or more modules; and secondly, it can help you to measure the short-circuit current and open-circuit voltage.

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