136 MultiMet Interface Module


The Met One Instruments has designed the 136 MultiMet Interface Module so that you can connect it to any of the selected particulate AIR sensors or meteorological sensors.

In fact, the Met One 136 Signal Translator replaces legacy Universal Interface module (UIM) and 131 Series MultiMet Translators; because it outputs data in both digital and analog formats.

To illustrate, the the 136 has twelve 16-Bit independent voltage output channels; and  that is why the 136 MultiMet Interface Module acts as an user-configurable and powerful signal translator for direct connection to an extensive range of data loggers, other recording systems, DCS’s and PLC’s.

Also, there are several serial output formats including RS-232 or RS-485 serial (ASCII), USB, UIM serial report string (ASCII) and MODBUS RTU.

As mentioned earlier, the Met One 136 Signal Translator features analog outputs as well; which are 0-5, 0-2.5, 0-1 VDC and 4-20 mA isolated current loop with the optional DIN rail mount, single channel transmitters, P/N 510695.

In addition, the user configurable statistical calculations are available for Max, Min, Averages, Delta Temperature; Gusts and Dew Point and Standard Deviation. Moreover, there are two alarm outputs that you may use them as either combined or single alarm in a AND or OR logic output.

Furthermore, the communication options which you may purchase separately are cellular data modem, network interface and radio. Also, the cloud data is available as well.

At last, you may have the Real Time Data displayed  by running the WeatherView Software on a Laptop or PC. Besides, the WeatherView can provide a Web Page display to view the current weather data values.

Equally important, the 136 Signal Translator features many features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of 136 MultiMet Interface Module

  • Economical
  • Fully Field Modifiable/Configurable
  • 16-BIT Resolution
  • Multiple Serial Outputs
  • Data logging
  • 3 Met One Digital Sensor Inputs – MET or AIR Sensors
  • 8 Analog Inputs / 12 Analog Outputs

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