16 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX660NS


The 16 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX660NS is a microprocessor controlled Class N autoclave. The easy to operate front loading Class N medical autoclave LX660NS is equipped with drying function post sterilization, a printer; and safety features such as auto exhaustion of cool air, automatic shutoff which prevents the chamber from overheating  and auto protection against raised pressure and temperature.

Furthermore, the built-in rapid steam generator guarantees quick sterilization cycles.

Of all the methods available for sterilization; Steam Sterilization is the most popular because it is the most efficient and the most effective. There are some parameters that are important for steam sterilization.

Equally important, similar to 18 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX670NS; the 16 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX660NS offers many advantages and features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of LX660NS

  • Automatic power cutoff with alarm and low water level indication
  • Safe door lock system guarantees safety and protection during sterilization
  • Auto exhaustion of cool air
  • Rapid steam generator for quick sterilization cycles
  • Easy accessible water tank
  • Automated post sterilization drying function
  • Optional liquid sterilization program
  • Microprocessor control with fully automatic cycles
  • Password protection securing access for system setting

Besides, Labdex Class N medical autoclave LX660NS offers an extensive range of applications in different industries. It is mainly used to sterilize instruments, culture media, intravenous equipment and dressings.

Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative autoclaves which come in different types and sizes.

Therefore, if you are in need of any Class N Medical Autoclaves or Steam Sterilizers; you may browse through our various Class N Medical Autoclaves to find the one which best suits your needs.

Steam Sterilization

In using the steam sterilizers including 16 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX660NS; you are going to be looking for time, temperature and steam under pressure which will be indicated on the LED readout, on a gauge or some units will have a printout.

It is important to understand how the steam sterilization works so that we can make sure we are doing best practices when using this form of sterilization.

The way that steam is generated in an autoclave is that water will fill into the chamber. You always want to make sure with your particular autoclave to refer to the gauges that you know you have adequate amount of water to create steam.

There are number of features that you want to check to make sure that your Class N autoclave LX660NS is operating appropriately.

First, you need to look at your fill station to make sure you have adequate amount of water in the sterilizer.

Another thing you need to look at on your autoclave, not just every once in a while but at least once a week; you want to take a look inside the door at the gasket that encompasses the chamber.

Does that rubber gasket look dry? Do you see cracks on it?  Is there some sort of a film on the outside the gasket that should be wiped off? Because it is going allow for a better seal!

And the appropriate pressure can build up inside the autoclave. When the seal is in place; it allows the pressure in the autoclave to build up.

Check if you are using the appropriate trays or vertical racks for stacking so that you can make sure that the instruments are being placed inside the sterilizer as appropriately as possible.

The Final Stage

When the 16 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX660NS stops working, it is important that you have a record of the steam parameters that were met.

Time, temperature and seam pressure should be recorded in writing or else with a written document that is produced by the sterilizer.

Did it reach the appropriate temperature? Also, you need to record if it reached the appropriate pressure. And the last thing you need to record is the time depending upon the temperature.

Those are your physical monitors that are going to be important for you to record so in case you are need to refer back to a specific cycle or a day that was run; you will have those records available to you.

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