23 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX271SS


23 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX271SS is a front loading easy to operate Class B autoclave which is equipped with a printer, safety thermostat which prevents the chamber from overheating and drying function post sterilization.

Furthermore, the inbuilt rapid steam generator guarantees quick sterilization cycles. Equally important, the internal printer is able to print detailed cycle program information in different languages.  Also, the unit can store 20 cycle information automatically.

Moreover, similar to 23 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX270SS, the 23 L Tabletop Class B Autoclave LX271SS offers many advantages and features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of Class B Autoclave LX271SS

  • Powerful vacuum pump
  • High precision control system for perfect sterilization
  • Fully automatic and having preset programmed sterilization cycles
  • Inbuilt independent steam generator providing readily available steam for faster cycles
  • Easy to operate LCD screen
  • User friendly interface
  •  autoclave status and detailed cycle data displays on the LCD
  • Multiple languages can be selected in the operating system
  • Password protection provides secure accesses for system setting
  • Internal memory
  • USD port and USB stick

In fact, a class B autoclave is the closest autoclave to large autoclaves. They have the same standards and allow sterilization of solid, hollow, porous, packaged or unpackaged medical devices.

To illustrate, a class B autoclave comes equipped with a vacuum pump which is able to perform vacuum cycles by alternating the pressurization cycles. The goal is to empty hollow or porous objects of all the air they contain.  This is the only effective method on hollow or porous objects.

Besides, Labdex 23 L Tabletop Sterilizer LX271SS offers an extensive range of applications in different industries. You may mainly use it to sterilize instruments, culture media, dressings, rubber closure of glass equipment used in aseptic techniques, intravenous equipment and countless objects that can withstand high pressure and temperature.

At last, Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative autoclaves which come in different types and sizes.
Therefore, if you are in need of any class B tabletop autoclaves or tabletop sterilizers; you may browse through our various Class B Tabletop Autoclaves to find the one which best suits your needs.

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