30L Muffle Furnace LX782MF


The 30L Muffle Furnace LX782MF is a chamber which is microprocessor controlled and is equipped with stable PID temperature control system.

Furthermore, the 30 L Muffle Furnace LX782MF has a heating speed of 15-30 mins. Also, the Muffle Furnace LX782MF; without any power drops off and high temperature  adopts vacuum forming ceramic fiber.

Moreover, the Labdex innovative LX782MF maintains the temperature uniformity by excellent protection of heating elements.

In addition, if you simply start the start button for one time; the preset programs and also the alerting signal which is turned on when the chamber is overheated; will be activated.

Equally important, the 30L Muffle Furnace LX782MF offers an extensive variety of convincing benefits and features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of Labdex LX782MF

  • 16 programmable groups with 30 segments in each group
  • High temperature heating alloy wire for heating elements
  • Heat curve which can be preset with the programmable function
  • PID controlled temperature controller  (precision of 1 °C)
  • Alert signal for overheating of chamber
  • One button press start for pre-programmed functions
  • 1700 °C MoSi2 heating rod
  • Double walled housing for high stability
  • Durable inner lining of light insulating bricks

Specifically, you may use the Muffle Furnace LX782MF for many application such as soldering, fusing glass; brazing, ceramics, creating enamel coatings and highly sophisticated metallurgical applications.

Besides, the LX782MF offers many application in various places including research centers and medical laboratories for determining non-combustible and non-volatile proportion of the sample.

To emphasize, high temperature gloves and crucible tong come with the Muffle Furnace LX782MF as standard accessories. Also, stainless steel exhaust chamber, alumina crucible and paperless recorder come with unit as optional accessories.

At last, Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative furnaces which come in different types and sizes. Therefore, if you are in need of any Furnaces; you may browse through our various products to find the one which best suits your needs.

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