400GD Multifunctional Gas Detector


The 400GD Multifunctional Gas Detector is a multifunctional detector and measuring device that is superbly suitable to locate gas leakages in installation areas.

Furthermore, using the flexible sensor neck; the MRU Instruments 400GD Multifunctional Leak Detector can be introduced to areas with difficult access.

Equally important, the compact, handy and easy to handle MRU 400GD; offers a large number of convincing features that distinguish this product and make it useful for every application.

Features of 400GD Gas Detector

  • Optical alarm on the display of the device and at the sensor (only leak detection)
  • Sensor change during operation is possible, automatic recognition by the device
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds (only leak detection)
  • Acoustic and vibration alarm by the device (only leak detection)
  • Indication of gas concentration in ppm, % and %LEL (HC-sensor)
  • Display of measurement results also as QR code (forwarding measuring results via e-mail)
  • Long-life strong Lithium-Ion battery, chargeable using Mini-USB socket
  • Handy device with dirt resistant keypad
  • Warranty : 3 years on the gas detector  and 1 year on the sensors

In brief, the 400GD Multifunctional Gas Detector is a device that can offer completely reliable stack moisture and gas leak detection test in only one system.


  • Many available sensors
  • Adjustable alarm threshold
  • Sensor exchange during operation
  • Optical, acoustical and vibration alerts
  • Brilliant graphic color display
  • Rugged and very compact
  • Fast 30 seconds startup
  • Interchangeable sensors: Propane, natural gas, refrigerants, IAQ, CO2, CO, moisture or temperature

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