Abrasive Cutoff SERVOCUT 602


The Multi-Target Automatic Abrasive Cutoff SERVOCUT 602 is a professional high capacity cutting machine which is specially designed for cutting multiple and extra-large specimens.

Abrasive cutoff machines or cutoff sawing machines are perfect choices for heavy duty cutting applications and a large number of materials.

These machines combine two proven cutting techniques in a single machine to obtain superior cut surfaces. Metkon’s abrasive cutting machines come in four different sizes. They also can be either manual or automatic.

SERVOCUT 602 offers you the possibility to use advanced cutting techniques with the help of latest software.

Moreover, the easy to use software together with the HMI touch screen integrated in the instrument; increase the productivity, the quality of the samples and also the comfort of the operator.

In fact, Metkon Servocut 602 is a fully automatic three-axis metallographic cutting-off machine with a 600 mm grinding wheel.  In addition, its ergonomic Joystick control offers extraordinary application versatility.

The Abrasive Cutoff SERVOCUT 602 offers many advantages and features which distinguish this quality product.

Features of SERVOCUT 602

  • Built-in Lubrication System
  • Two Hand Control For Safety Operation
  • Easy Exchange of Cut Off Wheel
  • Sturdy and modern design
  • Cut-Off Wheel Diameter Measurement
  • Extra Large Cutting Capacit
  • X-Y-Z three axes cutting capability
  • Unique belt protection system
  • Extraordinary access for easy handling
  • Programmable colored HMI touch screen controls

As mentioned earlier, SERVOCUT 602 has a reliable and robust design with low emission levels and noise. Its sturdy and modern design helps the 15 kW cutting motor to efficiently cut through the most complex and hardest materials using precise servo motor driven axis controls.

Cutoff sawing machines SERVOCUT 602 offers optional cutting methods; that is why it is the perfect choice for an extensive range of heavy-duty cutting applications.

  • Diagonal Cut
  • Step Cut
  • Segment Cut
  • Combined Cut


Furthermore, similar to SERVOCUT 302-MM, the Multi-Target Automatic Abrasive Cutoff SERVOCUT 602 cutting machine offers the top safety standards.

First, if the sliding door or the side access ports are not closed, the interlocking safety instrument does not let the motor to start working. Second, it is impossible to open the sliding door before stopping the cutting motor.

Third, there is a standard feature known as electronic brake system which completely stops the cutter a few seconds after it has been switched off.

Fourth, there is a two-hand control feature which guarantees that the operator’s hands are entirely out during positioning; which prevent them from reaching into the moving parts when the sliding door is open.

Fifth, there is a stack light located atop the instrument to provide audible and visual indications of machine status. And at last, easily operated and accessed e-stop button guarantees instant shut down.

Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative Abrasive and Precision Cutoff Machines. Therefore, if you are in need of any cutoff sawing machines, you may browse through our various Abrasive and Precision Cutoff Machines to find the one which best suits your needs.

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