DuoTech Accelerometer Sensor for Vibration & Shock Pulse

DuoTech Accelerometer Sensor for Vibration & Shock Pulse

The unique SPM Accelerometer Sensor combines two of the most successful and widely-used methods for mechanical condition monitoring: vibration and shock pulse measurement.

In fact, the combination of the patented SPM HD and HD ENV measuring techniques in SPM Accelerometer Sensor for Vibration & Shock Pulse Measurement; provides maximum flexibility which which enables high quality detection of vibration-related problems and lubrication and bearing monitoring.

The Excellent Combination of HD Measurement Technologies

As mentioned earlier, this superior feature of SPM DuoTech Accelerometer enables you to use a single sensor for shock pulse or vibration measurement. Actually, you can use the SPM DuoTech Accelerometer to do both of them as well.

Moreover, SPM DuoTech Accelerometer provides you the maximum flexibility to choose the optimal measurement technology for a given application or problem. To illustrate, SPM DuoTech Accelerometer is an individually tuned piezo-electric accelerometer sensor that delivers high quality performance in an enormous area of applications.

Performance without compromise

Equally important, carefully engineered mechanics and digital technique in  SPM DuoTech Vibration Meter lead to exceptionally performance characteristics. Furthermore,  SPM DuoTech Vibration Meter provides high-precision and consistent readings in both high and low frequency range.

In addition, the rugged design of SPM DuoTech Vibration Meter, makes it an ideal choice for an extensive range of industrial applications; which includes harsh and potentially explosive environments. Also, SPM DuoTech Shock Pulse Meter quick connector version enables flawless signal transmission for measurement with portable data collectors and analyzers.

Features of DuoTech Accelerometer Sensor

  • Two-in-one flexibility: combines two of the most successful and widely-used methods for mechanical condition monitoring.
  • Efficiency boost: More possibilities to existing measuring points by combining shock pulse and vibration measurement.
  • Perfect for retrofits: Simple installation to standard vibration inputs via MIL type connector and twisted pair cable.

Technical Specifications

You can install SPM DuoTech Shock Pulse Meter in a countersunk hole identical to holes normally used by shock pulse transducers. Also, the base and housing are made of stainless acid proof steel, that’s why you can use it in aggressive environments.

The DuoTech solutions come in different choices and specifications to suit your needs. Rated IP66/67 or IP65 with sealed connector (IP66/67 and higher).

DuoTech SLC141

Nom. sensitivity, main axis: 10 mV/g (Individual value given on the calibration chart)
Measuring range, vibration: 6000 m/s2=600g
Measuring range, shock pulse: 10 to 95 dB

DuoTech SLC144

Nom. sensitivity, main axis: 100 mV/g (Individual value given on the calibration chart)
Measuring range, vibration: 600 m/s2=60g
Measuring range, shock pulse: −12 to 75 dB

Also available with quick connector.

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