Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LX210AAS


The Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LX210AAS is a combined graphite/flame furnace atomization device; in which the graphite system is completely automatic. Actually, the Atomic Spectrophotometer LX210AAS works based on energy absorbed from certain wavelength of light. It analyzes the concentration of elements in a liquid sample.

Moreover, in order to reduce downtime between samples or allow for sequential analysis; the Labdex LX210AAS is supplied with turrets that can hold multiple lamps.

Furthermore, the changeover of the integrated graphite and flame furnace atomizer is completely automatic which leads to time saving and easy operation. Also, the parameters such as peak picking, wavelength scanning, optimization of position parameters; change in spectral bandwidth, automatic and ignition are automatically done.

In addition, The graphite furnace analysis in LX210AAS is fully automatic and reliable; because it is adopting temperature auto-correction technique; and FUZZY-PID and dual curve mode light-controlled temperature control technique; which guarantees high analytical sensitivity, fast heating and good temperature reproducibility.

Also, similar to Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LX200AAS; the LX210AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer offers many advantages and features that distinguish this product.

Features of LX210AAS

  • You may install the flame emission burner head for alkali metals as K and Na to perform flame emission analysis
  • Equipped with automatic adjustment of lamp current, automatic 6-lamp turret and optimization of light beam position
  • The temperature control accuracy is less than 1%
  • The Graphite furnace with pressure lock and pneumatic control guarantees constant pressure and reliable contact
  • Alarm and automatic protection of fuel gas leakage, insufficient air pressure, abnormal flow and flame extinction in flame system
  • Alarms and protection functions for insufficient cooling rate supply and over-heating and insufficient carrier gas and protective gas pressure in graphite furnace system
  • European type sockets and AMP adapters which ensure long term reliability of the whole electronic system
  • Adopting Inter I2C bus technology and large-scale programmable logic array
  • AAS analysis is done using windows OS
  • Equipped with detector R928 photo multiplier with wide spectral range and high sensitivity
  • Provided with standard RS-232 serial port connection


You may use the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LX210AAS in testing the metal element concentration analysis in chemical, agriculture; food, mining, environmental, petrochemical and pharmaceutical  industries.

Firstly, the data processing of the LX210AAS Atomic Spectrophotometer has analytical methods including automatic sensitivity correction; working curve auto-fitting standard addition method and automatic calculation of  content and concentration using windows OS software.

Secondly, using the LX210AAS, you may repeat the experiments 20 times along with automatic calculation of standard deviation; and relative standard deviation and mean value.

Thirdly, the LX210AAS Spectrophotometer offers multi task functions such as sequential determination of multi-elements in the same sample; analytical report printout in excel and condition reading- with model function and result printing- measured data.

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