Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LX400AAS


The Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LX400AAS is an innovative spectrophotometer; because while adopting the same key parts in high-end instruments which ensures the basic functions; the LX400AAS uses less automation. That is why the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LX400AAS is a low cost model.

In fact, the LX400AAS does not support S-H background correction capability. Also, in order to reduce downtime between samples or allow for sequential analysis; the Labdex LX400AAS is equipped with 2-lamp turrets lamps.

Besides, the Spectrophotometer LX400AAS is highly reliable; because of the the inbuilt microprocessor with necessary auto-control and data processing functions.

Also, to achieve easy and fast analysis; the LX400AAS Atomic Spectrophotometer benefits from multi-function data processing ability; digital display and fast function-key direct input.

Moreover, the calculation of relative standard deviation, standard deviation and mean is done automatically. Also, the Repeating number is between of 1~99.

Equally important, similar to Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LX320AAS the LX400AAS Atomic Spectrophotometer offers many advantages and features that distinguish this product.

Features of LX400AAS

  • Equipped with automatic 2-lamp turret, optimization of light beam position and automatic adjustment of lamp current
  • The D2 lamp background correction capability at 1A is better than 30 times
  • With manual adjusting mechanism for rotation , vertical and horizontal angle of the burner
  • Two Lamps are powered simultaneously and one of them is for pre-heating
  • To prevent the spillage, there is an alarm for any leakage of fuel gas
  • Detector R928 photo multiplier with an extensive spectral range and high sensitivity
  • To check the current status of each function key; there’s a self-check instrument
  • Sensitivity auto-correction: automatic curve fitting with 3-7 standards
  • You may select the integral time in the range of 0.1-19.9 seconds and scale expansion of 0.1~99
  • You can read the concentration directly using the LED display energy and measurement of values
  • Automatic adjustment of light source power; and auto-balance of light energy and negative high-voltage


You may use the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LX400AAS in testing the metal element concentration analysis in chemical, agriculture; food, mining, environmental, petrochemical and pharmaceutical  industries.

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