Aura Universal Testing Machine for Tensile Compression Bending & Shearing (10-200 Ton)


Aura Universal Testing Machine is and instrument with automatic, semiautomatic and manual operation for compression test, traction, scragging of springs, bend testing and cutting test. Easydur Aura Universal Testing Machine has hydraulic or electromechanical operation, and is modular with several load cells of different capacities (from 1 kilogram to 200 TON) simultaneously installed, with reading at 1000 Hz and 32,799 divisions which can be selected easily by software.

Also, in the event of out of scale values or of unforeseen impact, the cells are protect from overload and with the release of the automatic axis. They also have integrated compensation of cell sagging. Moreover, Easydur electronics can control multiple axes and make it possible to have stress cycles with a sinusoidal profile.

Aura Universal Testing Machine for Tensile Compression Bending & Shearing carries out high-precision tests on springs, steel bars, wires, rods for reinforced concrete, ropes, pipes, chains, hooks, mesh and on different types of materials.

Depending on the type of test that you need to do, Aura Universal Testing Machine for Tensile Compression Bending & Shearing cab be equipped with accessories such as bending equipment, automatic hydraulic grippers, or grippers for ultimate tensile strength and specific equipment for large springs including car springs and railway.

Aura Universal Testing Machine is perfectly easy-to-operate, and can be used simply by using the buttons on the front panel, without the need to have access to previously set programs.

Aura Universal Testing Machine for Tensile Compression Bending & Shearing  is equipped with a computer which has touch screen. The software id completely developed by Easydur. It’s based on Windows with internal management of statistics, archives and certificates in Excel format, entirely modular and customizable by the customer.

Features of Aura Universal Testing Machine

  • Absolute automatic reset
  • There’s an electronic handwheel for manual movements which has a precision of 0.003 mm
  • Relative reset with respect to opening, for example of the free spring
  • Interface for acquisition of external data such as comparators and gauges
  • Integrated network card (Integrated NIC), USB
  • Customizable real time test diagram
  • Diagrams of elasticity and rigidity
  • Exportable & easily readable ASCII archive
  • Possibility of interface with customer quality system
  • Mean, sigma, CP, CPK, Gaussian curves

Accessories (can be separately supplied)

  • Pneumatic or self-tightening grippers for tests on round or flat materials
  • Different types of strain gauges
  • Grippers of various shapes depending on the material that you want to perform the test on
  • Climatic chambers and ovens for temperature tests

Obtainable results for traction tests

  • Unit tensile stress
  • Modulus of elasticity which is measurable in various points
  • Deformations (elongations)
  • Break characteristics
  • Yield characteristics

Stop conditions of traction test

  • Maximum elongation
  • Maximum force
  • Desired drop in stress
  • Break

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