Automatic Pressure Generator PG6000

Automatic Pressure Generator PG6000

The Automatic Pressure Generator PG6000 is the best choice for automatic pressure calibration. In fact, having an inbuilt high accuracy pumping source, Zoglab Automatic Pressure Generator PG6000 is able to generate and reach to any pressure from 300hPa to 1100hPa.  Also, the pressure control resolution can reach to 0.001hPa.

Besides, Zoglab PG6000 offers different internal & external pressure standards and communication interfaces. To illustrate, Zoglab PG6000 Pressure Generator is equipped with 2 independent precision pressure control and adjustable channels.

In addition, the pressure source is powered by the internal mini pressure generator, so that there’d be no need for an external gas source when the standard pressure range is lower than 15psi for gauge pressure or 30psi.

Technical Specifications of Zoglab PG6000 Pressure Generator

  • Standard pressure regulator: Internal or external regulator
  • Interface: RS232 / 485, USB, LAN , Wi-Fi (optional function)
  • Calibration cycle: 365 day
  • Pressure interface: ф4 quick coupling

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