Bench Multi-tube Vortexer LX235BMV


The Bench Multi-Tube Vortexer LX235BMV is a microprocessor controlled Multi-Tube Vortexer in which the sample processing capacity is 50 samples at the same time.

Furthermore, to make the sampling easy; the Labdex Vortexer LX235BMV is equipped with continuous and impulse operational modes and also a inbuilt timer. In addition, to have an easy customization; there are a wide range of foam tube frames and pads available in the unit.

Equally important, the Bench Multi-Tube Vortexer LX235BMV offers a large number of convincing features and advantages; that make it almost suitable for every application.

Features of LX235BMV Vortexer

  • Wide range of foam tube pads and frames (optional)
  • Maximum processing of 50 samples simultaneously for quick and efficient sampling
  • Large orbital vortex for effective performance
  • Continuous and impulse operational modes
  • Time and Speed LED display
  • Digital timer for user convenience

Besides, you use the LX235BMV Vortex Mixer for mixing solid-liquid suspension, sticky substances and blood samples.

Technical Specifications

  • Shaking orbit: 4 mm
  • Speed range: 500 rpm ~ 2500 rpm
  • Speed accuracy: ± 10 rpm
  • Maximum load: 5 kg
  • Time range: 1 s ~ 9999 min, short mix, impulse pattern , continuous

Also, there are an extensive range of optional accessories which you may find in the following list:

Optional Accesories

  • Foam tube frame 10 mm x 50
  • Foam tube frame 12 mm x 50
  • Acrylic tube frame 11 mm x 40
    ( suitable for 1.5 ml / 2.0 ml tubes )
  • Foam tube frame 13 mm x 50
  • Foam tube frame 25 mm x 15
  • Tray pad set
    ( up pad and base pad )
  • Foam tube frame 16 mm x 50
    ( suitable for 15 ml tubes )
  • Foam tube frame 29 mm x 15
    ( suitable for 50 ml tubes )
  • Foam tube frame 38 mm x 10
    ( suitable for 100 ml tubes )

At last, Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative Vortexers which come in different types and sizes.
Therefore, if you are in need of any Vortexers; you may browse through our various lab equipment products to find the one which best suits your needs.

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