Benchmark Scientific Microcentrifuge MC-12


Benchmark Scientific Microcentrifuge MC-12 is the only compact microcentrifuge which’s able to increase the centrifuge speed to the critical threshold of 16,000 xg. This speed is the standard point for many DNA/molecular biology protocols.

The brushless maintenance free drive system of the Benchmark Scientific Microcentrifuge MC-12 makes it powerful but compact enough to makes it possible for each station to be completely equipped with a personal centrifuge.

The Benchmark Scientific Compact Microcentrifuge MC-12 is compact, powerful, quick and affordable. In fact, while designing the Benchmark Scientific Compact Microcentrifuge MC-12, all aspects of the performance of microcentrifuge were considered, and there has been no compromises.

In addition to unsurpassed speed of Benchmark Scientific Compact Microcentrifuge MC-12, it also makes it possible to have shortened deceleration/acceleration times, and inaudible operation!

Also, the computer-designed of the Benchmark Scientific Compact Microcentrifuge MC-12 airflow pattern minimizes sample temperature which’s increased during longer operations at high speed.

You can set all the operating parameters using a single conveniently located control knob on the Benchmark Scientific Compact Microcentrifuge. Also, the bright, large LCD makes it possible to have a clear indication of rpm, g-force and time. In addition, there’s a separate momentary spin button which allow you to have instant spin downs, without disturbing any preset parameters.

Benchmark Scientific Microcentrifuge MC-12 has an aircraft grade aluminum rotor which’s compatible with 1.5 to 2.0ml tubes. It also accepts 0.5ml and 0.2ml tubes with optional adapters. The Benchmark Scientific Microcentrifuge MC-12 is cold room safe for applications requiring sub-ambient temperatures.

Features of Microcentrifuge MC-12

  • 12 tube capacity / Up to 16,100 xg
  • Quick deceleration
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Less than 9 inches wide

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