Benchtop Grinder and Polisher FORCIPOL 202


The FORCIPOL Series grinding and polishing machines including Benchtop Grinder and Polisher FORCIPOL 202 offer economical and practical solutions to your metallographic sample preparation needs.

In fact, all materials testing labs in the research, industry or educational fields need sample preparation instruments. Whether your requirements call for basic sample preparation or individual components, FORCIPOL 202 will meet your needs.

To illustrate, FORCIPOL instruments including FORCIPOL 202 can be used for grinding, polishing and lapping using magnetic backed discs and cloths or by a quick exchange of wheels.

Furthermore, when the number of specimens which you want to prepare is increased; FORCIPOL 202 can be equipped with FORCIMAT automatic head for automation.

FORCIMAT is a microprocessor controlled sample mover which can be used with FORCIPOL grinder and polishers machines. It may be the best choice for medium size laboratories in which the results need to be consistent.

In addition, FORCIMAT automatic head makes it possible to have high rate sample preparation. Also, using the FORCIMAT, the operator no longer needs to do the polishing and grinding procedures.

The Benchtop Grinder and Polisher FORCIPOL 202 offers many advantages and features which distinguish this quality product.

Features of FORCIPOL 202

  • Double wheel
  • 750 W motor with overload protection
  • Ideal for 200, 250 and 300 mm wheel size
  • Counterclockwise or clockwise rotation
  • Variable speed between 50-600 rpm
  • Soft start and stop function and quite operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Retractable water hose including drain tubes and water supply
  • Standard interface for all head units (FORCIMAT 52/102/TS and FORCIPOL Control Unit and)

Moreover, the Metkon Grinding and Polishing Machine FORCIPOL 202 is provided with a standard set of polishing and grinding consumables such as:

  • An assortment of 100 grinding papers with a diameter of 200 mm
  • An assortment of fibe polishing cloths with a diameter of 200 mm
  • Diamond suspensions (6 and 1 mic.), plus lubricant

In brief, FORCIPOL 202 offers distinguishing advantages such as Modular Configuration, Smart Water Saving Feature, Automatic Disc Cleaning and Drying Feature, Heavy Robust Construction to Eliminate Vibrations and a Powerful Base Motor.

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