Benchtop Humidity Generator HG6000

Benchtop Humidity Generator HG6000

The Benchtop Humidity Generator HG6000 is a high-performance mixed flow humidity generator. And, based on the semiconductor thermostat technology; Zoglab Humidity Generator HG6000 can generate various humidity environment within the set temperature range.

Moreover, the inbuilt dual pump and stirring fan of Zoglab Humidity Generator can quickly respond to the set humidity value. Also, Zoglab Humidity Generator can finish the calibration within a short time since its full scale stability time is less than 10 minutes.

Technical Specifications of Humidity Generator HG6000

  • Support to calibrate 6 sensors at the same time
  • Humidity stability ≤ ±0.2%RH
  • Temperature stability: 0.1℃ (23℃),0.2℃ (Full Scale)
  • Humidity control range: 5 ~ 95%RH
  • Temperature stability 0.1℃ (23℃), 0.2℃ (Full Scale)

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