Blood Bank Refrigerator BRQ 2600


The Blood Bank Refrigerator BRQ 2600 is a compact single door microprocessor controlled refrigerator in which the capacity is 108 Liters.

Moreover, the Laboquest BRQ 2600 Blood Refrigerator has an an automated self-close design. Also, to ensure stable storage temperatures during a door opening; there are two adjustable shelves with transparent inner doors.

Furthermore, to maintain temperature uniformity; the Blood Bank Refrigerator BRQ 2600 is equipped with a forced air cooling system. In addition, to determine the temperature of the blood in storage; there is a exclusive temperature box.

Besides, the Blood Bank BRQ 2600 offers a large number of advantages and features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of BRQ 2600

  • Safety features such as low battery,  power failure for 72 hours alarm, high-low temperature and controller error
  • Automatic self-closing single door
  • Constant system and temperature monitoring to ensure safe inner storage
  • Transparent inner door which minimizes the loss of cold temperature
  • Automatic defrosting mode
  • To prevent the condensation under high temperature and humidity, there’s heated double glass pane glass door
  • 4 temperature probes (2 for programming and 2 for display)
  • Temperature box  which determines the temperature of the blood in storage
  • Password protection to avoid random changes in parameters
  • Blood baskets to be placed on shelves
  • 2 adjustable shelves for blood bag storage

Equally important, the BRQ 2600 Blood Refrigerator offers a lot of applications such as storing vaccines, blood, bio products, reagents and special test materials.


  • Power failure backup system alarm ( 72 hours)
  • Castor
  • Temperature printer
  • Outside door ( 1 units )
  • Inside lamp
  • Inside door ( 2 units )
  • Test hole diameter
  • Outside door lock

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 108 L
  • 450 ml blood bags: 66
  • Shelves: 2
  • Inner door: 2
  • Outer door: 1
  • Blood basked quantity: 6
  • Temperature range: 4 °C
  • Ambient temperature: 10 °C ~ 32 °C

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