-86 °C Chest Freezer MCQ 4002


The -86 °C Chest Freezer MCQ 4002 is a best buy chest freezer for storage of low temperature products including Pfizer vaccine. Since the temperature in the Ultra Low Freezer MCQ 4002 goes down to -122.8 °F, the Laboquest ULT Freezer MCQ 4002 is an ideal choice for storing and transporting COVID19 vaccines.

Moreover, the Ultracold Freezer MCQ 4002 is space saving and quiet. Also, it has dual insulation for saving energy and an independent mixed refrigerant; which are most favorable for laboratories.

Furthermore, to save energy and make energy efficient; the Chest Freezer Coldest Temperature MCQ 4002 is supplied with dual heat insulation structure.

In addition, the refrigerant used in the Ultra Low Temp Freezer MCQ 4002 is a combination of R14, R23, R29 and R600. Also, the Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer MCQ 4002 has inner and double doors with silicon gasket; that doesn’t become hard at high temperature (even -100°C) and ensures no cooling leakage.

Equally important, similar to -86 °C Chest Freezer MCQ 4001; the best buy ULT Freezer MCQ 4002 offers a lot of features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of Chest Freezer MCQ 4002

  • With a German cooling fan and compressor that has a world-class quality
  • The internal material is (Food-Grad SUS 304) stainless steel and can be cleaned easily
  • The temperature control ranges from -13°F to -85°F which is ideal for tuna refrigeration
  • The thermostat is given with digital display
  • With acoustic and visual alarming system for system failures and over temperature
  • It can even work in an environment of temperature 38°C~42°C

Besides, you may use the Ultra Low Freezer MCQ 4002 to store germs, virus, blood cells, plasma, bacteria, biological products; and specifically coronavirus vaccine. And, you can use the Ultra Low MCQ 4002 in electronics industry, university laboratories; biological engineering chemical industry, blood banks, hospitals, military industries; sanitation, pelagic fishery companies and anti-epidemic.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 288L
  • Temperature Range: -40°C ~ -86℃ (±2℃ at 86℃)
  • Internal Dimensions: 1094*464*634 mm
  • External Dimensions: 1300*780*900 mm
  • Power: 750W

As mentioned earlier, the ULT Freezer MCQ 4002 is an example of Ultracold Freezers that are essential to the Covid vaccine distribution model. Because, it is capable of going down to -86 °C (-122 Fahrenheit).

At last, Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative ULT Freezers which come in different types and sizes. Therefore, if you are in need of any Refrigerators or Freezers; you may browse through our various products which you may find in the mentioned link; to find the one which best suits your needs.

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