Cimel High Precision IR Radiometer CE312


The Cimel High Precision IR Radiometer CE312 is the standard or point of reference precision instrument for measurements of spectral luminance in 4~6 Infrared bands.

Cimel High Precision IR Radiometer CE312 performs highly accurate radiation measurements, thanks to differential measurement principle.

Moreover, Cimel IR Radiometer CE312 is insensitive to variations of environment (radiations and temperature). The Cimel IR Radiometer CE312 gives real time spectral luminance and brightness temperatures.

The Cimel Radiometer CE312 is a portable field instrument which is especially ideal for thermal ground or atmosphere campaigns in field measurements and, robotized pointing continuous operation within an observation network.

Benefits of Cimel IR Radiometer CE312

  • High precision: 0.1°C
  • Portable: components are lightweighted, compact and easy to move
  • Autonomous (battery and charging unit)
  • Practical: Displays spectral luminance and brightness temperatures (real time)
  • Multitask: lasting installation / measurement field campaign
  • Wide temperature range: -80°C ~ +60°C

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