Benchmark SureTherm CO₂ Incubator Series with Incuview™ lCI


For cell cultures to thrive, they need optimized growth conditions. Benchmark’s SureTherm™ Incubators provide the most ideal environment for your cultures. All Benchmark Scientific SureTherm™ Incubators benefit from a proprietary heat distribution system that mixes a low-speed internal fan with six-sided heating.

Air is uniformly circulated all over the chamber without air exchange from the outside environment, which ultimately leads to protected, controlled environment with least fluctuations of temperature (within 0.1°C).

Benchmark Scientific SureTherm™ Incubators are the first and only incubators which have the (patent pending) IncuView™ LCI (stands for Live Cell Imaging) technology which makes it possible for you to view cells in “real life”.

The Benchmark SureTherm CO₂ Incubator is equipped with and internal microscope which has an external large display. This makes it possible for the user to view the cells without removal from the incubator. That’s why the inherent temperature fluctuations and risk of contamination are eliminated in Benchmark SureTherm CO₂ Incubator.

Moreover, you can view the cells easily on the integrated large display or view it remotely or locally using a wifi-enabled computer, tablet or phone.

Features of Benchmark Scientific SureTherm™ Incubators

  • Precision temperature control
  • Internal microscope option
  • Heated door and door frame
  • Excellent accuracy and recovery

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