COMBI 420 Installation Tester


The HT Instruments COMBI 420 is an advanced and original multi-function (in compliance to VDE0100 and BS7671 Standards) installation tester with 1-phase circuit analysis.

COMBI 420 measures and saves results of leakage currents and active power, power factor measurements on single phase systems, environmental parameters such as illuminance and temperature and also harmonics.

COMBI 420 is very easily operated and have a wide variety of internal features which you can simply select them using the multi-language menu.

Some of the main features of quality COMBI 420 are:

  • Harmonics voltage/current up the 49th and THD% on single phase
  • Continuity test with 200mA
  • Active, Reactive, Apparent power and power factor on single phase system
  • Insulation with 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000VDC
  • AC TRMS voltage and current
  • Trip out time of RCDs type AC, A Standard and Selective
  • AUTO function (Ra + RCD test + Insulation) on plug
  • Trip out current of RCDs type AC, A Standard and Selective
  • Phase sequence indication
  • Loop Impedance P-P, P-N, P-PE
  • Global Earth Resistance without RCD tripping
  • Loop Impedance with high accuracy (with IMP57 optional accessory)
  • Contact voltage
  • Prospective short circuit current
  • Internal memory for storage of results
  • Optical-USB interface with PC connection
  • Easy to use and rugged

Features offered by default in COMBI 420:

  • Quick reference guide
  • C2033X : Cable 3 wires with Shuko plug
  • User manual on CD-ROM
  • UNIVERSALKIT: Set 3 cables + 3 alligator clips + 1 test lead
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate
  • BORSA75N: Soft carrying bag

235 x 165 x 75mm

1.2kg (batteries included)

500 locations

Optical, USB

graphic LCD with backlight

6x 1.5V type LR6, AA, AM3, MN 1500

>600 measurements (without using the timer)

23°C ± 5°C

0° to 40°C

< 80%HR

-10 to +60°C (batteries not included)

< 80%HR

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