COMBIG2 Installation/Appliance Tester


The COMBIG2 Installation/Appliance Tester is an advanced multifunction instrument; for the verification of the electrical safety of civil and industrial electrical installations (UNE 20460 and IEC / EN61557-1).

In fact, for the construction characteristics, the type of configuration and the multiple applications in terms of documentation that it is capable of producing; the COMBIG2 Appliance Tester manages to satisfy the particularly demanding technician and the most rigorous verifier.

The TFT color display with capacitive touch screen enables a completely new way of using the COMBIG2 Installation/Appliance Tester. In other words, the HT Instruments COMBIG2 proposes on the screen, all the possible variables to carry out a perfect measurement; and the user’s task will be to “touch” what he really wants to measure, and at last the COMBIG2 microprocessor thinks about everything else.

In addition, the COMBIG2 Installation Tester meets all the regulatory requirements in terms of safety of electrical installations: type A differential test, type AC also up to 1000 mA and type B; Insulation, continuity and earth loop resistance tests directly on the power socket without causing the intervention of the differential protections.

Furthermore, with the appropriate guided programming of the touch screen system; you can carry out tests related to the checks on the interrupting power, tripping currents; I2t relative to circuit breakers (MCB) with curves B, C, D, K and fuses type aM and gG.

Also, similar to the COMBI 420 Installation Tester, the COMBIG2 Installation Meter offers unique advantages that distinguish this quality product.

Features of COMBIG2

  • The main electrical safety verifications provided for by the UNE 20460 standards
  • Advanced Loop Verification of the magneto thermic protections, fuses and sizing of the cables
  • Measuring the electrical parameters in single phase installations (V, A, W, VAR, VA, PF)
  • Differential test type A, CA, B up to 1A, also with separate toroidal with test current up to 10A (with optional accessory RCDX10)
  • Measurement of insulation resistance
  • Measurement of continuity of protective conductors
  • Verification of the cyclical direction of the phases (SEQ) and leakage currents
  • Measurement of environmental parameters using optional external probes

Also, together with the optional HT96U clamp it is capable of carrying out and memorizing leakage current; power, cosphi, harmonics THD% and frequency measurements. Designed for use with optional accessories that expand the fields of use: for example HT53 / 05 for lux measurements, HT52 / 05 for temperature and humidity measurements; and RCDX10 for tests on separate toroidal differentials up to 10A. Very advanced management of the measures with indication, at the end of each test with respect to safety, of the respect or not of the required regulations with simple symbols of OK or NOT OK.

And, using the new and free HTAnalysis app, for iOS and Android systems; the COMBIG2 is capable of transferring measurements and memorizations to smartphone and tablet; thus giving the possibility of sharing and personalizing the results of the verification work through HtCloud.

At last, Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative Installation Meters which come in different types and sizes. Therefore, if you are in need of any installation testers/meters; you may browse through our various Installation Testers to find the one which best suits your needs.

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